1. Plan of Examination:

The recruitment examination shall consist of the follow ing stages.



Stages of the Test/ Examination/ weightagc


Paper Duration


Type of the Test

Preliminary Examination

One paper of One half hour duration. Qualifying Only.

Note: Candidates about 12 times

of the vacancies in order of merit category wise basing on the marks in the Prel. Exam shall be shortlisted for appearing the Physical Tests.

100 Marks

Objective type to be answered in OMR answer sheet. There will be negative marking of @

0.25 marks for each wrong answer in the preliminary examination. The Commission at their discretion may conduct Online Test through CBRT



Physical Qualifying in nature as per Measurement Physical Standards & qualifying and Physical Physical Test events prescribed at Test Clause-8(ii) of this advertisement.

No marks


Physical Test as prescribed at clause-8(ii). Candidates qua lifying in the Physical Measurement & Physical Test shall be eligible to appear the Main Written Examination.


Main Written Examination

Three Papers in three sittings i.e. Paper-I-General English, Paper-II­ Odia Language Paper-III­ General Studies

300 Marks (Paper-I-SO Marks, Paper-II-SO Marks and Paper-III- 200 Marks)

Paper-I- l&l/2 hours

(Subjective Type)

Paper-II- 1&1/2 hours (Subjective Type)

Paper-IH- -3 hours­ Objective type with MCQ type. There will be negative marking 0.25 marks for each wrong


For the Post of Station Officer

(Fire Service) one extra Technical paper of 200 marks including the above three papers.

Paper-IV- 200 Marks

Paper-IV-3hours-Objective type with MCQ type. There will be negative marking 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.. Candidates qualifying the Fire Test Events shall be allowed to appear the



Weightage Marks

For NCC ‘B’ & ‘C’ Certificate


15 Marks

NCC-·C’ Certificate- 15 Marks. NCC-‘ B’ Certificate- IO Marks

Sports achievement i.e. winning Medals in State level/National

Level/International level

Maximum 15 Marks

As detailed at clause-8(iv)


Degre/eDiploma in Fire Engineering for the Post of Station Officer (Fire Service) Only.

Candidates having their degree in Science /Engineering & qualifying in Fire Test Events appeared the written examination in Paper-IV

shall be awarded weightage mark

for Fire engineering.

For Degree Degree in Fire Engineering-

0-Marks 10 Marks.

For Diploma in fire Engineering– Diploma-5 05 Marks.



Viva-voce and Psychological


30 Marks

Total Marks

For S.l. of Police /Assistant Jailor

330 Marks

For Station officer Fire Service

530 Marks

Candidates qualifying in the Preliminary Exam ination shall have to appear the Physical Measurement & Physical Test. Those who will qualify in the Physical Measurement and Physical Test shall have to appear in the Main Written Examination. The Candidates qualifying in the Main Written Examination shall have to appear the Viva-voce-cum- Psychological Test. The qualifying marks in the Preliminary Test shall be such as may be fixed by the Commission. The marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination shall be qual’fying in nature only.

Candidates, who obtained such minimum qualifying marks in the Main Written Examination part as may be fixed by the Commission at their discretion Weigntage marks if any from NCC ‘B’ ‘C’ certificate, for achievement in sports events {(as detailed at clause-8(iv) (B)} for fire Engineering {as detailed at clause-8(iv) (C)} of this advertisement, taken together in order of merit category wise shall be called for the Viva Voce-cum-Psychology Test. The Test shall carry 30 marks (with no qualifying marks)

  1. (i) Preliminary Test (qualifying only)

    1. The Preliminary Examination shall consist of one paper of I00 marks of one hour duration.

    2. The question shall be of objective type with multiple choices to be answered in OMR sheet/Compute r Based Recruitment Test (CBRT) as per decision of the Commission .

    3. The questions shall be set proportionately from general science, current events of Nationa l & International importance, history of India and Odisha, Fundamentals of English grammar, Arithmetic of HSC standard, problem solving and reasoning. The Commission at their discretion may fix a qualifying mark in the preliminary examination. Candidates about 12 times of the vacancies in order of merit category wise as per vacancies advertised shall be shortlisted in the Preliminary Examination to appear in

the Physical Measurement and Physical Test. The Candidates qualifying in the Preliminary Examination will be called for Physical Measurement Physical Test. The date, time venue of the Test will be intimated to the candidates through website of the Commission in due course.

There will be negative marking of@ 0.25 marks for each wrong answer in the preliminary examination.

8.(ii) Phvsical Measurement & Physical Test (gualifving)

The candidates qualifying in the preliminary test will be required to appear before the Physical Test Board(s) to be constituted by the Commission. The date and venue of such tests will be uploaded into the website of the Commission. The eligible candidates qualifying in the Preliminary Examination are required to access the Commission’s website, ‘www.ossc.gov.in‘ to download their admission letter to ascertain the date, venue and time of the test and to appear the Physical Test. This test is of qualifying in nature. The candidate must qualify the Physical Standard Measurement Test and Physical Efficiency Test as detailed below.

  1. Physical Standard Measurements:







    General & SEBC(M)

    168 Cm.

    55 Kg

    79 Cm.


    General & SEBC(W)

    155 Cm.

    47.5 Kg,



    SC/ST (M)

    163 Cm.

    50 Kg.


    81 Cm.


    150 Cm.

    45 Kg.



  2. Physical Efficiency Tests:

For Men of all categories:

l. For men of all categories, the Physical Efficiency Tests shall comprise of the following events.

  1. Running 1.6 Kms. in minutes

  2. Cycling 1.6 Kms. in minutes.

  3. Long jump of 3.66 Meters in length in three attempts.

  4. Cross-country- 5 Kms. within 40 minutes

  5. Running over low hurdles of 77 Cm. heights, I00 meters with 10 flightsin 25 seconds. Besides, the above, the Male candidates having their graduation in Science/Engineering and appearing for the post of Station officer Fire Service shall have to qualify the following four additional Test in order to be eligible for the post.

  6. High jump -1.22 meter in 3 chances

  7. Swimming – 100 meters

  8. Rope climbing:- Candidate will be required to climb up to height of 6 Meters from the ground level using his hands only in 3 chances.

  9. Detecting Acrophobia: There will be a test for detecting of acrophobia by ladder cl imbin g up to 8 meters from the ground level in 3 chances only.

2. For Women of all categories:

  1. Running 1.6 Kms. in 10 minutes

  2. Cycling 1.6 Kms. in 7 minutes

  3. Running over low hurdles of 62 Cm. heights, 80 meters with IO flights, in 30 seconds.

  4. Long Jump of 2.77 Meters in length in three attempts

  5. Cross-country – 4 Kms. within 40 minutes

Note-]) Failure in any of the Physical Measurement/ Test shall lead to disqualification of the candidate and he is not eligible to appear in further Test(s) of the recruitment examination. Any grievance or complaint in course of the Physical Test should be brought to the notice of the Chairman of the Physical Test Board instantly on the very day before completion of the Test and the decision of the Chairman of the Board in this regard shall be final and binding.

2) Candidates should appear in the Physical Test at their own risk. The Commission will not take any responsibility nor will accept any liability for any injury; damage or any type of loss that may accrued to a candidate during the course of the Physical Test. Candidates should satisfy themselves that they are physically and mentally fit to undertake Physical Test. The candidatei; applying for the post arc therefore advised to keep them physically fit to appear the Physical Test to be conducted by the Commission after the preliminary examination.

8. (iii) Main (written) examination (total 300 marks/500 marks)

The candidates qualifying in the Physical Measurement Physical Test will be allowed to appear in the Main Written Test which shal l con sist of the following Papers:








General English


1&1/2 hour

Descriptive Type


Odfa Language


&1/2 hour

Descriptive Type


General Studies


3 hours

Two parts-100 questions in each part. Objective

Type with multiple choices of Answer. There will be negat ive marking of @

0.25 marks for

each wrong answer.

Total marks



(for Station Officer only)

Technical paper


3 hours

Objective Type with multiple choices of

Answer. There will be negative marking of @

0.25 marks for

each wrong answer.

The candidates applying for the post of Station O fficer (Fire Service) will be required to appear in the Technical paper (paper-IV) in addition to other 3 Papers i.e. Paper-I, Paper-H & Paper-III.

Paper-I: General En2lish {50 marks)

The aim of the paper is to test the candidate’ s ability to read and understand serious discursive prose and to express his ideas clearly and correctly in Englis h. The pattern of questions will broadly include the following with graduation standard.

  1. Comprehens ion of a givenpassage

  2. Precis writing

(iii ) Usage and vocabulary

  1. Short essay writing

  2. Questionsto test the Knowledge of grammar.

The questions will be of descriptive type in which question cum-answer book will be used.

Paper-II: Odia Language (50 marks)

The questions shall beof graduation standard to test the following.

  1. Comprehension of a given passage.

  2. Letter/Application/Report writing.

  3. Usage and vocabulary.

  4. Short essay writing.

  5. Translation from English to Odia.

    The questions will be of descriptive type in which question cum-answer book will be used. Paper- 111: General Studies (200 marks)

    1. The nature and standard of questions will be such that a well-educated person should be able to answer them without having specialized study of the concerned subjects. The questions shall test general awareness of the candidates of a number of subjects covering various fields of knowledge as expected from any graduate. There will be 200 questions in two parts. Each question will carry one mark each.

      Part-I – 100 questions, Objective Type with multiple choice of answers on the following subjects.

      1. Mental ability test of reasoning 50 questions – 50 Marks

      2. Numerical ability and Arithmetic (H.S.C. Standard) – 50 questions – 50 marks

Total- 100 Questions- I00 marks There will be negative marking of@ 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

Part-II – 100 questions, Objective Type with multiple choice of answers on the following subjects.

  1. General Science and recent scientific/technologicaldevelopments- 20 Marks

  2. Current events of National and international importance – 20 Marks

  3. History of India from ancient times and Indian National Movement-20 Marks

  4. Indian and World Geography -20 Marks

  5. Indian polity and economy -20 Marks

-100 Marks

There will be negative marking of@ 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

The paper on General Studies will include questions covering the following fields of knowledge.

  1. General Science and recent scientific/technological developments;

    Questions will test the candidate’ s awareness in the field of science and technology, including matters of everyday observations and experience.

  2. Current events of National and international importance;

    Questions shall be to test the knowledge of significant National and lnternational events and of the topics of socia l relevance in the present-day India.

  3. History oflndia from ancient times and Indian National Movement:

    Emphasis will be on testing general understanding of social economic and political aspects of the Indian History. Questions on Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the nineteenth century resurgence, growth of Nationalism, attainment of Independence and role of leading personalities in the freedom movement.

  4. Indian and World Geography:

    Emphasis will more be on geography of India. The questions will relate to physical and economic geography of the country. It shall cover the main features of Indian agriculture and National resources.

  5. Indian polity and economy;

    Questions on Indian polity and economy shall be on political system. Constitution of India, Panchayati Raj Administration, Principal features and characteristics of Indian economy, planning and economic development oflndia.

  6. Mental ability test of reasoning

  7. Numerical ability test and Arithmetic of H.S.C. Standard; TECHNICAL PAPER {only for Station Officer)-200 marks

    The questions shall be set from physics and chemistry only. The questions shall be of+ 2 standard and objective type to be answered in the OMR Sheet. There will be negative marking of@ 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

    8.(iv) Assessment ofweightage marks:

    For NCC certificate holders, achievement in Sports and Degree or Diploma in Fire Engineering (for selection to the post of Station Officer, Fire Service), there shall be assessment ofweightage marks on the basis of the following:

    Weightage marks:

    1. For NCC certificates (Maximum marks allotted -15)

      TheNCC ‘B’ certificate holders will be awarded additional 10 marks and NCC ‘C’ certificate holders will be awarded 15 marks.

      (b) For achievement in Sports (Maximum marks allotted – 15)

    2. Weightage will be given to the candidates for achievement in the following sports disciplines. There is a provision for allotment of marks out of maximum 15 marks. The followi ng sports disciplines have been specified for the purpose.

      The sports achievements in the disciplines other than the said 26 disciplines shall not be eligible for award of marks.

      (1) Athletics, (2) Archery, (3) Badminton, (4) Basketball, (5) Body Building, (6) Boxing, (7) Cricket, (8) Cycling, (9) Equestrian, (IO) Footba ll, (I I) Gymnastics, (12) Hockey, (13) Judo (14) Kabaddi, (15) Karate Do, (16) Kayaking Canoeing, (17) Lawn Tennis, (18) Power Lifting,

      (19) Rowing, (20) Shooting, (21) Swimming, (22) Table Tennis, (23) Tae Kwon Do, (24) Volleyball, (25) Weight Lifting, (26) Wrestling.

      (8) For each of the 26 Spotts disciplines above, there are National Sports Federations/Associations, recognized by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. In case of team games such as Foot-ball, Cricket and Hockey, there are separate recognized National Sports Federations for men and women. The Indian Olympics Association is also a similarly recognized National Sports body for all the Olympic Sports disciplines. The marks shall be awarded for winning medals or positions either in the internationa l competitive sports events or National Sports Championships or the State Sports championships organized (or in case of international sports events, the participation sponsored) either by the recognized National Sports Federations/Associatio ns or Indian Olympic Association, or by the corresponding Odisha State Sports Association affiliated to the recognized national spo1ts federations/associations.


    3. The sports events, not being the open national or State Championships, even if organized by the aforesaid recognized National Federations/Associations, or the corresponding affiliated Odisha State Sports Associations, shall not be eligible for award of marks for sports achievements.

(0) The sports achievements in the open National and State Championships organized for men, women,junior boys and junior girls only shall be eligible for award of marks.

(E ) The sports achievements in sub-junior championships, even if organized by the recognized National Sports Federations/Associations, or corresponding Odisha State affiliated sports associations, shall not be eligible for award of marks.

(F) Sports achievements or participation in the open competitive international sports events organized for men, women, junior boys and junior girls only shall be eligible for award of marks, provided the participation was sponsored either by the recognized national sports federations/association or the Indian Olympic Association.

(G ) It shall be the responsibility of candidates, who may produce certificates of their Sports Achievements, to establish that the sports events in question were organized by the recognized national sports federations/associations or under their aegis, by their corresponding affiliated State Sports Associations; or in case of international sports events, the participation was sponsored as required in the Government in Home Department Resolution No.PDA-11 99/2008/44178 dtd.25.09.2008 and that the sports certificates produced by them have been issued by the authorized office bearers of such national sports federations/associations or the affiliated state sports associations or the international sports organization. The sports certificate produced must identify the sports meet, the discipline, the event. the venue and the dates on which it was held. It must mention that it was either an open national championship or open state championship or an international competitive sports event. The sports achievement certificates issued otherwise than above shall not be eligible for the award of marks.

(H) A candidate must choose only one of his achievements in the aforesaid sports events for awarding the marks. Marks shall not be awarded for more than one achievement.

The marks shall be awarded for the following sports achievements only.


Winning a medal in open State Championships; Marks

For gold medal


For silver medal .. .


For bronze medal .. .




Winning a medal in open national championships:

For gold medal .. . For silver medal .. . For bronze medal .. .

Representing the country and participating in a Competitive international sports meet and





winning no medal 10 marks

(iv) Winning medals in the competitive international sports

meets: Marks

For gold medal 15

For silver medal 13

For bronze medal 12

Note:- (I) The gold, silver and bronze medals, respect ively, shall mean the first, second and third ranks, wherever the medals were not awarded: (2) Recognized national federation/association of various sports disciplines shall mean recognized by the Department of Youth Affairs Sports of Government of India.

(C) Weightage marks for Degree/Diploma in Fire Engineering.

There shall be an assessment of weightage marks for the candidates possessing Degree/Diploma certificate in Fire Engineering for selection to the post of Station Officer (Fire Service) only. For the purpose 10 marks are prescribed for Degree in Fire Engineering or 5 marks for Diploma in Fire Engineering.

  1. (v) Viva Voce-Cum-Psychological Test (30 marks)

    There shall be a Viva-voce-cum-Psychological test to be conducted by the viva-voce board constituted by the Commission. For the purpose candidates numbering up to 3-times of the vacancies in order of merit category wise on the basing on the sum total of marks secured in the Main Written Examination and assessment of weightage marks if any secured by the candidates (taken together) shall be called for the viva-voce-cum-psychological test. The Test shall carry 30 marks.


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